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Conduct and Discipline

Good conduct is the hallmark of a good human being and its significance has to be stressed at home by parents and at school by teachers and the college management. All religions including Islam emphasise the need for enforcement of good conduct. To say "please" and "thank you", to wish others when you meet them, to respect elders, teachers, parents and those in authority are only some aspects of good conduct.
Observing college rules, praying regularly, punctuality, respect for those in authority and elders, good performance in examinations, helping other cadets, maintaining hyegiene and cleanliness, dressing smartly, performing well in class and examinations, actively participating in co and extra curricular activities shall constitute good conduct.
Commendation certificates and prizes will be awarded for good conduct. Good conduct does not however, need rules which are essential for preventing misconduct and for which rules need to be prescribed.

Acts of Misconduct

The following acts shall be considered as misconduct.

  • Use of abusive language with teachers, cadet college employees and anybody inside or outside the college.
  • Humiliating, insulting or hurting the religious, cultural, linguistic or sectarian feelings of others.
  • Showing disrespect for teachers, elders and those in authority in the college
  • Littering and spitting
  • Smoking ortaking any intoxicating substance
  • Not wearing correct uniform
  • Not observing cleanliness and hygiene i.e. Unkempt hair, unclean teeth, body or clothes.
  • Coming late to classes, to the mess, to college activities and functions orwillful absence from any ofthe activities.
  • Examination offence like cheating
  • Causing loss or damage to college or public property
  • Violating any rule made by the college
  • Possession of electric and electronic goods like radios, tape/DVD recorders, heaters, electric irons and mobile phones etc.
  • Raising slogans of any nature against the college the management or any other person or body Any manner of demonstration
  • Visiting those places which have been / are declared out of bounds for cadets from time to time. Any other action that can be construed as misconduct.
  • Cadets must get their hair cut before rejoining the college after holidays, summer vacation or long weekend etc.
  • Failing to rejoin on expiry of authorized leave.
  • Punishment

    Misconduct can lead to permanent expulsion from the college are:

  • Imposition offine ranging from Rs: 1000 to Rs: 10,000/-
  • Reprimand orwarning
  • Suitable punishment like writing a sentence a thousand times or lesser
  • Push ups, taking running rounds or any punishment that does not cause any damage to health
  • Joining extra drill period
  • Gating or disallowing one or more visits home or college picnic/study tours.
  • Full payment and fine for wilfully damaging college or public property.
  • If any college property / items are damaged, the defaulter would reimburse the cost of damaged item along with the fine. However, if the defaulter is unidentified then the damage charges will be distributed among the cadets in that particular vicinity / dorm or class etc.

  • Authorities entitled to award punishments
    The Principal directly or on the recommendation of following authorities is authorized to award punishments:
  • Vice Principal
  • The Adjutant
  • Senior House Master
  • House Masters
  • Any teacher or college employee authorized by the Principal.

  • Note:
  • Punishment for gross misconduct will be immediate expulsion of the cadet from the college.
  • The decision of the Principal in all discipline matters will be deemed as final, and not challengeable in any court of law. Captain Aakash (Shaheed) Cadet College Mardan reserves the right of admission. The Principal has the authority to refuse admission.
  • Once a cadet is withdrawn from the college or is struck oft the college strength, he cannot be re-admitted. In rare cases, however the Principal may exercise his discretion to allowow re-admission for which complete admission will be charged.
  • All correspondence in all matters should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Gross Misconduct

    Following will constitute acts of "Gross Misconduct/Heinous offences

  • Absent without leave for three or more days
  • Shouting, abusing and/or using physical force on any person.
  • Possessing fire arm/dagger/fighting knife/knuckle duster/Fist Hook.
  • Using/posssessing any intoxicantSmoking.
  • Driving by Cadets in the campus is not allowed
  • Cheating, Lying, Stealing and acts of moral turpitude
  • Gross disrespect by word/gesture act to any employee of the college by cadet or his parent/relative in/out of campus
  • Any action/misconduct outside the college campus or any action un becoming of a Cadet of this institution likely to violate the good order of the college or any other offence which in the opinion ofthe Principal requiresexpulsion from the College. In case of a serious offence, a cad etmay be expelled without previous warning to his parents.
  • Holidays

    The College shall observe all public holidays declared by the government and additional holidays including vacations that are announced.
    Presence of required, Employees will however be ensured by the management.


  • Leave will be granted on the basis of a written application by parents/guardians on the demise of real brother/sister or any of the parents.
  • Leave for attending weddings will only be allowed for one day if it is the real brother/sisters, after the provision of wedding card at least one week in advance.
  • Preferably the marriage be planned during long weekend/vacations.
  • Requests for extension of leave WI LL NOT be entertained.
  • Medical leave will only be granted in case of Govt Hospital admission.
  • Visiting Weekends: Cadets will only be permitted to spend specified weekends with parents/guardians.
  • The college will have to be notified in advance about the person with whom leave is to be spent in case not with parents/guardians.
  • The college may also be informed ifthe visiting weekend is to be spent in the college.

  • Note
  • Leave for birthday/engagements, relatives functions, departures/arrivals from Hajj and sickness of family members will not be entertained.
  • The return time to college from leave/long weekend is before sunset and if the timings are not observed then serious action will be taken which may include fine, extra drill, stoppage of leave etc. Repetition of such act will warrant expulsion from the college.
  • Visitors

  • Parents/guardians are allowed to visit their sons / wards only on 3rd Sunday of the month as per following timings: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Oct to March) 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (Apr to Sep) Parents are not allowed to visit dormitories / rooms of cadets.
  • They can meet House Masters in their offices on Sundays from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.
  • In view ofthe prevailing security environments parents are expected to co-operate with thesecurity staff.
  • Weapons/explosives in any form are strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Parents are expected to abide by the college rules in respect of the college environment, paying due respect to faculty members and all college employees.
  • Visits on working days during exams are not allowed unless a prior appointment is granted.
  • Observations/suggestions are accepted through email/post suggestion box.
  • In order to avoid inconvenience, parents desirous to see the Principal may send the agenda of meeting and arrange prior appointment through VP/Adjutant / HMs or any member of faculty.
  • Visiting the Principal, Vice Principal, Adjutant, Faculty and Adm Staff at their residence is strictly prohibited. Even if prior appointment is taken, the parents will visit the college during working hours (i.e 0800 to 1300 hrs) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Parents! Relative Opinion

    Constructive opinion/comments/suggestions are valuable for the college management. We expect the parents to give their opinion in writing with their address, phone contact and their wards particulars

    Telephone Calls And Mobile

  • Cadets are not allowed to keep mobile phones. Use of the college land line telephone and mobile telephones will be regulated according to rules to be circulated from time to time.
  • No cadet is allowed to keep mobile phone in his own custody. It should be deposited with the HMs on arrival from leave / weekend on arrival day.
  • Cadets are not allowed to bring mobile phones with multimedia and camera. Only simple mobile phones without camera are allowed.
  • Mobile phones once deposited with the HMs will only be issued on Sunday (morning till sunset) and then will be deposited back with HMs.
  • Any cadet keeping mobile phone in his own custody will face serious disciplinary action.
  • College authorities will not be responsible for any loss of mobile phone / heavy sum of money kept in cadets' own possession.
  • If orders / instructions are not followed the college authorities may disallow the possession of mobile phone to the cadets.
  • Journey To College / Home

    Parents/guardians should arrange the journey of their sons/wards for going home and coming back to the college.

    Accidents / Mishaps

    All possible measures for the safety of cadets are adopted at the college/campus. However college will not be responsible of any kind of physical harm/ injury /damage / mishap and accidents during the college routine activities trips and excursion.

    Facilities At The College

    Indisposition / illness Nursing assistant/medic with first aid kit/clinical equipment is available to check/treat minor ailments. The facilities at the 10 bed hospital near the college premises will be availed until the college has its own arrangements. Surgeries/major medical treatment will be arranged in consultation with parents/guardian. In case of emergency where in the treatment is arranged by the college, medical bills will be paid by parents/guardians

    Canteen Facility of canteen, fruit/juice shop is available where cadets have to pay cash. In case of items obtained on credit basis the upper limit is Rs. 500 which must be cleared on monthly basis.

    Laundry, Tailor, Barber, Cobbler These facilities are also available on controlled / subsidised rates.

    Extra Money And Valuables

    The monthly pocket money has been included in college dues. Cadets may not keep more than Rs: 500 with themselves. Any amount in excess and valuables should be kept with the House Masterwhich will be available to the cadets once required.

    Religious Rights

    Our Cadets start their day with name of Allah the most merciful and beneficent. The Morning Assembly begins with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by English and Urdu translation.
    The essentials of religion are taught in class room where lslamiat is compulsory subject. In order to give better understanding of Quran and religion Arabic Book has been included in the syllabus. Religious education in the class room is supplemented by five time prayers (for which provision is made in the College Routine), observance of Fasts in month of Ramzan and holding function on days of religious significance. Efforts are made to acquaint Cadets with the Quranicinjuctions and Hadith. After every prayer a cadet reads out a Hidith regarding daily life.


  • The cadets are prepared for the Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) and Intermediate Examination conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Mardan.
  • The Promotion from Class X to XI depends upon cadets' academic performance. A cadet who fails to display the required standard, will be withdrawn from the college.
  • For the internal assessment of the cadets, terminal tests are conducted. Annual Promotion Examination in March held during the academic year. In terminal examination, they are tested from the course covered during the term while in the annual promotion examination they are tested from the whole course covered over the academic year. The cadets failing in one paper are promoted conditionally if he is unable to cover his weakness in first terminal examination then he will be reverted to the previous class.
  • Cadets who fail in two or more subjects in the Annual Promotion Examination, are detained in same class. Those who fail for the second time shall be withdrawn from the college. Minimum passing marks are 50%.
  • Any Cadet missing paper or examination in any internal/home examination will not be re-examined in that paper or examination regardless of reasons of absence. .(
  • Any cadets failing in two consecutive internal exams will be relegated to previous class.
  • Board Admission of cadets with repeated poor results in internal/send-up exams will not be forwarded by the college. Such cases may be expelled ifthey fail to show improvement inspite of verbal/written warnings
  • Class-Wise Parent-Teacher Meeting

    PTM will be held at suitable intervals to allow the parents to see/discuss the progress of their sons/wards.

    Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

    Inter house Urdu/English debates, essay writing Qirat, spelling bee, quiz competitions etc are held regularly. In addition there are other competitions in games and sports.

    Everyday a few minutes are observed as environment time, where cadets spare some time to clear their surroundings under the supervision of respective teachers and is a regular part of cadet's life and training.

    Educational Trips / Tours / Picnics

    The College attaches great importance to educational visits and excursions. Visits to various institutions and places of historical importance are arranged regularly.

    Unless otherwise forbidden by parents in writing at the time of admission/joining, the college management will consider the cadet's verbal/written request (to proceed on a tour/trip anywhere in Pakistan) as having been allowed by the parents.

    Clubs And Societies

    Various Clubs and Societies, i.e. Quran &Hadith Club, Philately Club, Gardening Club, Biological Modeling Club, Chemical Hobbies Club, Computer Club, Debate (English and Urdu) Club and Dramatic Club that help to develop the skill, knowledge and confidence of cadets are formed. Riding, Shooting and Hiking Clubs will also be added in due course.

    Physical Training

    Various Clubs and Societies, i.e. Quran &Hadith Club, Philately Club, Gardening Club, Biological Modeling Club, Chemical Hobbies Club, Computer Club, Debate (English and Urdu) Club and Dramatic Club that help to develop the skill, knowledge and confidence of cadets are formed. Riding, Shooting and Hiking Clubs will also be added in due course.

    Uniform I Essential Clothing

    Day dress I college uniform:
    Khaki shirt, khaki trousers, broad khaki belt, black ~ shoes, dark brown socks and maroon berets. A maroon V-neck full sleeved pullover is added in winters.
    Ceremonial dress:
    A scarf and a plume of the house colour are added to the uniform on special occasions.
    Walking out dress:

  • Fawn coloured blazer.
  • White shirt.
  • Dark brown trousers.
  • Dark brown shoes (Oxford style).
  • Dark brown socks.
  • College tie.
  • Dark brown belt (if needed)
  • For drill, PT and sports House Colour 'f-shirts (sports shirts), white trousers, khaki shorts, white socks and white joggers plus house coloured track suits. White shalwarkamiz with black waist coat and black shoes with laces for Friday only.

    Course books and stationery can be obtained from the college Library / canteen. Dresses are subject to change from time to time.


    Examination centers for every test for class VIII will be established at Mardan, Kohat, 01 Khan, Parachinar and Rawalpindi. Other cities will be included subject to number of Candidates. Students are admitted to class VIII and class XI purely on merit as under:-
    VI VII VIII& xi Year:

  • Upto 120 seats are decided for a particular year by the management including 25% seats for each Provence and 15% seats are reserved for Shuhada who will be given special / fees concession, 25% concession in tuition fees is allowed to children / wards of shuhada / serving Armed persons.
  • Boys between twelve to fourteen years of age will undergo written test for English, Mathematics / General Science and Urdu / Islamiyat of 90 minutes each for short listing and subsequent interviews/Medical.

  • Note
    Written test will be of English Medium VII pass level for Vll I and Xpass level for XI. FATA and FC Seats for 1stYearwil! be same as the ratio of V III class. Quota seats falling vacant due to incomplete merit/standard will be treated as open merit seats. Establishment of Exam Centers at following stations is subject to suitable number of candidates. Islamabad/Rawalpindi Abbottabad ,Chakdara, Lahore , Quetta , Bannu School Leaving Certificate in original and photocopies of attested documents to be submitted at the time of admission otherwise the admission will be offered to the next candidate on meritlist
    XI Class (Subject to the availability of accommodation):
  • Upto 30 seats after laid down process of written test interviews and Medical.
  • 15 seats each for Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering (variable as per class structure of existing cadets promoted from class X within CACCM).
  • Candidates with less than 70% marks in matriculation will not be entertained.

  • Syllabus and Examinations to be Passed (Board.University etc)
    The College is affiliated to the Mardan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education for Matriculation and Intermediate. Depending on the availability of a sufficient number of children, "0" and "A" levels of the Cambridge / London University will also be offered through EDEXCEL. Science subjects will be offered at the Matriculation / 0 level stage with another group in which students will have a choice between Computer Science and Biology.
    At the Intermediate level, there will be pre-Medical, pre-Engineering and General Science groups. English will be the medium of instructions and cadets will be encouraged to speak to one another in English. Teachers will speak to cadets in English except in the Urdu and Islamiat periods.

    The choice between Computer Science and Biology will be pre-defined in admission form and will not be changed in any case during the session.

    Syllabus For Entry Tests


  • Parts of speech, articles and punctuation.
  • Parts of speech, articles and punctuation.
  • Meanings of words / idioms and their use in sentences.
  • Correct spellings.
  • Changing sentences into interrogative and negative forms.
  • Antonyms / synonyms, singulars and plural.
  • Gender.
  • Essay / paragraph, letter / application writing or building a story from a given outline.
  • Urdu to English and English to Urdu translation.
  • Comprehension (questions from given passage to be answered)

  • Mathematics/General Science.
  • Set theory, union and intersection, multiplication and division of common, compound and decimal fraction. Square roots, of decimals and common fractions and approximate square word problems
  • Ratio and proportion, direct and inverse proportion, problems on inheritance and partnership. Percentage, partnership, commission, profit and loss.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic expression in ascending and descending orders. Equations, solution of equations in one variable.
  • Areas of squares of rectangles and circles. Area and volume of cylinder, cube and cuboids.
  • Practical geometry, making of a triangle, rectangle, square, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, pie graph. Matter and its types, Mass and Volume, Atom, Element, Compound, Symbol, Formula, Mixture and types of mixtures.
  • Thermometer, Temperature, Heat, Method of transfer of head (Radiation, Conduction & Convection), Force, Pressure, Magnet, Energy and its types.
  • What is Biology, Cell, Environmental, Autotrophic & Heterotrophic organisms, Difference between plant & animal cell, Photosynthesis,
  • Respiration, Unicellular and multicellular-organisms.

  • Islamiat (for English Medium
    Human rights, Ethics, Life of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Pillars of Islam, Islamic society, Patience and Tolerance, Avoiding Prodigality and Avarice. Thrift / Frugality, Dignity of labour, Lawful earning, Moderation, Generosity, Equality, Prayers, Worships, Adoration, Character of the Holy Prophet, Life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Macca and Madina, Battles of Islam, Truce of Hudaibia, Conquest of Macca, Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajjat UI Widah) and 10 last Suras of the Holy Quran, with diacritical points and translation in Urdu or English.